We've partnered up with Start2Finish, a Canadian-based non for profit organization that is catered towards helping children in after school programs. We are donating socks to help the kids in this program feel special during day to day activities. We want to spread a simple but powerful message, "You Can Change The World". We want to give kids the inspiration & confidence to dream about their future and believe they can make a difference in the world today.
Every sock sold equals one pair donated. We believe we can make it happen! Why Start2Finish? Our founders at UndefineX have worked as volunteers at these programs before, and they have noticed how the money spent has been well-utilized. The kids there are the most dire in need of support for literacy, fitness & just plain old fun. Our mission is to provide a little joy to a child in need, because happy feet equals a happy child!


Currently we are working with the Toronto side of Start2Finish. Our goal is to give socks to every child in the program in Toronto and then expand across the country. With your help we can get children in good quality socks, feel normal and happy one step at a time! To learn more about our initiatives or to donate directly to our sock donation program (100% of proceeds go to purchasing socks for donation purposes only), shoot us an email at with the subject line "donation".






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