We represent a family of athletes and movement enthusiasts always on the move, always exploring new challenges. With the moto “Undefine Your Sock Game” we challenge you to set your own rules. Everyone has the "X" that is holding them back, but removing that variable can really help. At Undefine (x), we help you overcome the challenge of looking good, feeling good and performing with our specialty performance socks. Our socks are tested and approved by our elite athletes who are some of the top athletes in Canada.


From the Andes to the city, Undefine (x) started to form out of Queen west in Toronto, Ontario in the Winter of 2020. Founded on a passion for endurance sports, a couple of friends recognized that socks are an expression of an athlete's personality. Immersed in training, and driven by a mission to someday elevate endurance athletes of all walks, it was only natural that a project would take root. Today we exist to supply North Americans with products that we’re proud of, to support communities that we believe in, and to proceed in growing as a company so that we can continue exploring new ways to contribute to the incredible people across the continent that believe in us..


We aspire to create the best socks by testing, research & development and listening to our customers. We invision runners, cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts across North America living their best lives in our socks. Our contribution will be in elevating athletes and communities around us, through events, team partnerships and community building activities. Everything we’ve done and everything we do is for the love of movement and the amazing planet we live on.