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You put the work in. Now it's time to perform! Introducing our mid length racing sock, designed to be extra lightweight, even more breathable & supportive to minimize excess movement that can slow you down & cause injuries. This sock features tech in all the right places to make your stride as smooth as possible!


  • Unique Anatomical fit crafted to custom fit the left vs right foot for a smoother ride
  • Achilles & Arch, Targeted Compression Support limits unnecessary movement of the Achilles & Arch as well as pronation
  • Anti-Microbial & Anti-Odour Technology uses a Silver Ion treatment to withstand smelly odours after a hard sesh
  • Our unique Sweat Wicking Composition uses a secret blend of yarns & manufacturing techniques to maximize performance during the sweatiest of runs 
  • Anti-Static Technology helps prevent the buildup of static electricity & therefore keeps a smoother surface which extends longevity 


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